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Veteran Medal

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  • RECIPIENTS - Military Veteran
  • SPONSOR CAN BE - Any Cryptic Mason
  • AWARDED - Upon Submission/At Event
  • AWARDING - Military Service
  • HOW MUCH - $25.00

The ability to honor Veterans and their service on behalf of their country was implemented in September of 2018. Service above self is one of the most laudable characteristics a Companion can embody, and Cryptic Masons International has developed the Cryptic Mason Veterans Medal to distinguish those among us who have answered that call.

The Cryptic Mason Veterans Award is rich in symbolism and honors a Veteran's Service while simultaneously displaying the character of Cryptic Masonry.

  • In its center, it has the title “Veteran”, along with the Broken Triangle emblem from the Seal. This not only refers to the Cryptic Degrees, but also alludes to the concept that “All gave some, but some gave all.”
  • Surrounding this is a Golden ring with 27 stars, representing the 27 who were chosen to work in the Secret Vault, and selfless service to benefit mankind.
  • Enclosing this ring is a 9 pointed star, composed of 9 silver trowels. This references the 9 arches of Cryptic Masonry, as well as the spreading of that mystic cement which unites us as a band of Brothers.
  • Behind these are the laurel leaves, which signify this award comes from the General Grand Council and represents the laurel leaves of victory.

It is our honor to make this award available to all Cryptic Masons who have served, and we hope that all Veterans who are Cryptic Masons will wear it with such pride and honor that it may distinguish you as a Select Master whose dedication to service has been tried, tested and proven.

Funds in excess of costs associated are placed in the Corporate Fund.