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Jeremy Ladd Cross

Biography of Jeremy Ladd Cross, "Father" of the Cryptic Rite.
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Jeremy Ladd Cross - Renowned Author and Lecturer

This is a booklet, highlighting the Eighteenth-century prophet of Cryptic Masonry, Jeremy Ladd Cross. Originally published in 1958 by Bob Morris, Grand Historian of the Grand Lodge of Connecticut AF&AM, this tome examines the life of the man whom many call "The Father of the Cryptic Rite." Between the assumed location of his birthplace, to the scant details of his funeral and burial, this booklet provides an authoritative source on the Masonic life and history of one of the founders of the first Grand Council of Royal and Select Masters in Connecticut on May 18, 1819.

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Published: 1958 (Revision edited by George C. Sellars, 2009)